R.I.P. Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II, England’s longest reigning monarch, died yesterday at the tender age of 96. Consequently, her son, Charles, becomes King. No doubt the people of England support Great Britain’s monarchy as an extension of their love for the Queen and their country.

So far, the most moving tributes to the Queen’s memory were delivered by former Prime Minister Boris Johnson:

And His Majesty King Charles III:

Charles is off to a good start too. Not only has he signaled an end to his climate change activism, but also took the time to meet mourners gathered outside Buckingham Palace. Most likely, this signals that Charles will maintain the stability and resolute manner that his mother conducted herself.

God save the king.

PHOTO CREDIT: Queen Elizabeth II in Australia, circa 1970 – By Queensland State Archives – http://www.archivessearch.qld.gov.au/Image/DigitalImageDetails.aspx?ImageId=9759, CC BY 3.0 au, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=75977871