UK Police Halt A Potential Climate Stunt During Queen’s Funeral

late last week, London’s Metropolitan Police prevented a potential publicity stunt by an environmentalist geared to disturb Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral. Quoting a source within the Met, the Daily Mail says the man paddled on a boat using a camera mounted on his head attempting to scout the River Thames in the vicinity of Westminster Hall where the Queen’s body lies in state and is considered off-limits.

According to the Mail, a member of the public reported seeing a man floating in the river to police only for officers to find the man climbing Westminster Hall’s scaffolding. Shortly after the man was taken into custody, police determined the man was an environmentalist and not a terrorist that they originally thought in which the suspect claimed he was merely swimming for a charity event. The suspect was later released due to a lack of evidence.

The Met anonymous source also told the Daily Mail:

“Whatever his motives, his excuse of training for a charity swim was laughable.

“The footage on his Go-Pro showed potential ways to mount a water-borne raid on the Houses of Parliament and the annexed buildings including Westminster Hall and ways to get into the water.

“He was read the riot act. Police reviewed the footage he had taken. It showed a no-go area outside the Palace of Westminster which is cordoned off [by] buoys and patrolled by armed police in boats.

“He had also videoed the walls on the side of the river, 50 yards from where the Queen’s body will lie, and possible access routes to it.”

“The officers came to the conclusion he was part of a team planning to protest over the next few days while The Queen lies in state at Westminster Hall.”

Prior to Her Majesty’s death, Westminster Palace has been the target of climate hooligans this month alone. During the first week of September, vandals with Extinction Rebellion (XR) broke into the House of Commons Chamber, glueing themselves to the Speaker’s chair. Shortly thereafter, misfits with the XR splinter group, Animal Rebellion, sprayed white paint on the Houses of Parliament decrying the dairy industry.

The Queen’s funeral is expected to be the most watched television program in world history. No doubt the event will be targeted by a variety of leftist groups who seek to propagandize for their cause(s). Thankfully, the suspect who tried to use the River Thames in order to access Westminster Palace to perform his publicity stunt won’t get that chance. Hopefully, other groups who try will be prevented from doing so too.