Democrats Already Politicizing Florida Hurricane Ian

You couldn’t make this stuff up even if you tried.

The replies to Klobuchar’s remarks are nothing short of beautiful and hilarious .

Virginia GOP legislator Nick Freitas said: “Sounds like a threat. Vote for us, or the hurricanes will continue…lol.”

One user asked: “Because hurricanes never happened until “climate change.””

Another reply was (link added by me): “Amy Klobuchar is the woman who ate her salad with a comb so don’t be surprised that she thinks Dems can stop hurricanes.”

A user also said: “I guess the 700 billion they just spent didn’t change the weather yet.”

“If you vote for [D]emocrats, Florida will not get hit by this hurricane,” another user ridiculed while one other joined in saying, “Vote for me and I’ll change the weather.”

Meteorologist Joe Bastardi was interviewed on Mike Gallagher’s podcast yesterday and had plenty to say about the attempts to make Hurricane Ian a consequence of human-caused climate change. The entire interview is posted below for your listening pleasure.