AZ. Attorney General Demands Answers From Maricopa County About Election Problems, Missteps

The Arizona Attorney General’s Elections Integrity Unit is demanding answers from Maricopa County related to problems that occurred during the 2022 election on November 8th. According to 12News, the AG’s office received hundreds of complaints about “issues related to the administration of the 2022 General Election in Maricopa County.”

These complaints include first-hand witness statements alleging misconduct that resulted in the Arizona Attorney Generals Office to become involved citing Maricopa County with not being in “lawful compliance with Arizona election law.” Consequently, the “[Election Integrity] Unit hereby requests Maricopa formally respond to and address the following concerns that have been raised.

The Arizona races for state high offices, such as governor and Secretary of State, that took over a week to finish tabulating votes for reasons attributed to changing voter behavior and election statutes related to handling ballots. As time went by, small batches of vote totals would be released, until eventually winners were declared.

Arizona Republican gubernatorial Kari Lake is said to have lawyered up and ready to litigate what happened on Election Day believing the delays resulted in disenfranchising voters that affected the outcome favoring Democrats. This investigation by the state AG takes place after his office received dozens of possible election violations from the county on Election Day even after Maricopa County officials initially denied any occurred.

However, the county’s political establishment probably has a Plan B that could prevent any litigation. As it turns out, Maricopa County board of supervisors chairman Bill Gates’ wife, Pamela, is an associate presiding judge in the Maricopa courts. No doubt she can help influence the selection of a judge in cases related to vote fraud to replace the one originally selected at random after he or she is removed like what reportedly happened last year.


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  1. OUR entrenched Kleptocracy criminals lost their gubmint paychecks. WE WUZ ROBBED! Both halves of the looter Kleptocracy have been reciting that for over a century. Anyone dumb enough to vote for either gang is doubtless simple enough to believe the grunts of outrage. The funny part is that 99% are the victims of these robbers, like a huge Stockholm Syndrome gone amok.


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