German Climate Cultists Block Streets In Berlin

A few days prior to this event, migrant gangs rioted and attacked Berlin police and Last Generation, is Germany’s version of Britain’s Extinction Rebellion.

Members of the Last Generation group have vowed to continue “disrupting everyday life” in pursuit of climate action. This latest demo comes after the move by the Extinction Rebellion UK group to stop riotous protests.

Climate activists blocked several streets in Berlin on Wednesday, with city police taking measures to contain the protest.

The Last Generation group has vowed to continue “disrupting daily life” to the achieve the aims of greater climate action and awareness.

Members of the Last Generation environmentalist group set up barriers on Invalidenstrasse near the Museum of Natural History, restricting access to one of the lanes. The protest occurred around 8 a.m local time (…).

In response, the German authorities say they took action to prevent the activists from vandalizing the street in front of the Transport Ministry. A police spokesperson said they stopped the protesters from using jackhammers on the road surface.

“The daily grind is taking us straight to climate hell over freshly tarred and paved roads. We can’t let that happen,” Last Generation said on Twitter, referring to the jackhammer activities.

The group warned that their 2022 disruptive protests were just the beginning and, according to their website, Last Generation’s name assumes that they are acting on behalf of the last generation of humans on the planet to prevent a coming climate catastrophe that they believe will happen in about 2 to 3 years.

Image by Gerhard from Pixabay