British Company Makes A Tractor That Uses Cow Dung As Fuel

At first this news report didn’t pass the sniff test, but it isn’t a parody after all.

Cow waste or cow dung has been traditionally used as a crop fertilizer for decades because of its organic content. But now, a British company has created a ‘New Holland T7’ tractor that runs on cow dung. This tractor could be a game changer in the green energy-striving agriculture industry.

Agricultural company CNHA Industrial partnered with Bennamann, a company that specializes in methane energy products, to create this green-energy tractor. The New Holland T7 tractor boasts 270 horsepower and runs on fuel captured from farmyard manure. The tractor is said to match the performance of standard diesel-powered versions.

After this tractor was tested on a farm in Cornwall, England, Business Insider states that the farm’s carbon emissions were a fraction of what they were the year before.

Methane emissions from cow waste and flatulence have been blamed in recent years for contributing the climate change and punitive policies have been utilized (such as special taxes) to cut back on their emissions. Now this invention comes about that is a solution despite all of the time and effort wasted penalizing farmers for their cattle.

No doubt this technology could have helped Dutch farmers locking horns with their government over its attempts to steal their land if it was discovered sooner. But with environmentalist’s opposition to renewable energy edifices despite claiming wind and solar can adequately replace fossil fuels, no doubt the mean greenies will give this invention the cold shoulder too.