New Study Says Coffee Causes Climate Change

The left wants to make our lives as miserable as possible since they can’t stand the fact that people are happier than they are. They’ve tied a number of activities, like Halloween candy and meat production, to climate change so it was eventual they were going to target our cups of hot java. This article was actually published in a peer-reviewed magazine.

Global coffee consumption has been increasing steadily for almost 30 years. With a daily average consumption of 2.7 cups of coffee per person, coffee is now Canada’s most popular drink. It is estimated that around two billion cups of coffee are consumed daily worldwide.

This demand has led to considerable diversification in the ways of preparing coffee as well, including the creation of coffee capsules. The popularity of these capsules has divided the public opinion because this method of preparation, which uses single-use individual packaging, is harmful to the environment.

As researchers working on assessing the environmental impacts of products and services, we often discuss coffee’s carbon footprint.

We decided to study the carbon footprint of several techniques used to prepare coffee at home, and it turns out that coffee capsules aren’t the biggest carbon culprits.

This article actually seems to be a face-saving or deflection measure on the part of coffee pod makers like Nespresso. Environmentalists and their scientific and media allies have been trying to make the case that coffee pods are bad for the environment but, so far, have dodged being banned.

However, this Twitter account’s reaction said it best:

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