Now Ex-Woke Zoomer Red Pilled Over Ohio Train Derailement

This Gen Z TikToker was woke until the train crash occurred in East Palestine, Ohio red pilled her. She used to live there and, needless to say, has a lot to say about it.

(Warning: Strong Language)

The Ohio train derailment is a disaster of epic proportions with the potential for numerous health risks for town residents resulting from the multiple chemicals the Norfolk Southern train in question was carrying. Now there are reports of contaminated water in the Ohio River flowing to places as far as West Virginia.

Though the volume of the media’s coverage is not as numerous as many (like myself) would like, in fairness, it is kind of hard to do so when the feds have imposed a media blackout even resulting in arrests of reporters (which is very wrong).

Aside from the high likelihood of a coverup, film maker and author Matt Walsh states the obvious as to one other contributing factor to the TikToker’s red pilling: Transportation Secretary Peter Buttigieg’s incompetence grounded in equity.

But Biden sure has to make sure those weather balloons are shot down.