ABC Cites “Editorial Judgement” To Censor RFK, Jr. Vaccine Answers

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. is an ardent environmentalist. Not only has he founded an environmentalist organization, Kennedy has also spread misinformation about vaccines. Most likely, Kennedy’s advice has harmed the lives of thousands of people resulting from his actions and championed some other very bad policies. Consequently, I have taken the time to reveal the things he has said and done as it pertains to environmentalism and have condemned him accordingly.

However, no matter how wrong Kennedy is or has been, it is no reason to censor him. After announcing his run for president to challenge Joe Biden for the Democrat nomination, Kennedy is receiving in-kind gifts from the same media that falsely reported news stories like Trump-Russia collusion scandal and the Nordstream pipeline bombing.

You can watch the interview here. No doubt Kennedy knows he has no chance at winning the nomination, but his campaign could be a kind of insurgency that can aid Donald Trump in some ways. Regardless, ABC’s censorship and the panic of so-called medical experts demonstrates acts of desperation and if misinformation becomes more widely available, then they have no one but themselves to blame.