Thomas Sowell: Obama Harvard Professor Put Racism “Under New Management”

President Trump has recently ordered federal agencies to stop teaching critical race theory. While Trump’s order is a good move, unfortunately, there are other critical theories the Left has in its quiver that they can utilize. The president’s next step should be to prohibit federal funding of schools that teach critical race or any Marxist-oriented… Read More Thomas Sowell: Obama Harvard Professor Put Racism “Under New Management”

“The Clouds” by Aristophanes

A campus performance of Aristophanes’ The Clouds during 2016 at Bard College in Berlin, staged by alumna Maria Khan and a group of students. The play is Aristophanes’ lampooning Socrates and ancient Athens’ intellectual class. A play Thomas Sowell would certainly appreciate. It starts at 6:20. PHOTO CREDIT: Strepsiades and Pheidippides are discussing, Socrates is hanging in… Read More “The Clouds” by Aristophanes

Thomas Sowell Interview: “The Vision of the Anointed”

Think Tank host Ben Wattenberg converses one-on-one with author Thomas Sowell about his (then) new book, The Vision of the Anointed, which argues that the assumptions and beliefs of America’s liberal elite have created thirty years of disaster. This book can be seen as a precursor to Intellectuals and Society. In his book, Sowell states:… Read More Thomas Sowell Interview: “The Vision of the Anointed”

The Arrogance of Intellectuals

During an interview on Firing Line, economist, author and political philosopher Friedrich Hayek explained why intellectuals resent capitalism. Capitalism, Hayek explains, relies on the ability to disseminate and gain knowledge. As author and economist Thomas Sowell points out, intellectuals hate the idea that anyone other than them can use and enhance their lives from knowledge.… Read More The Arrogance of Intellectuals