Environmentalists cheer demise of Irish golf course

A golf course slated for construction in Northern Ireland has been sacked due to the a developer involved in the effort being unable to produce funding to make the project a reality. As a result of the news one of the eco-wacko groups opposed to the gold course (Friends of the Earth) is ecstatic. The Bushmill Dunes golf course was the brainchild of the land’s owner Alistair Hanna who passed away earlier this year. He hailed from the United States but married a woman from Northern Ireland in which the couple visited Upperlands County, Londonberry regularly after Alistair’s wife, Nancy, retired from her job.

According to Golf Digest, Alistair Hanna had spoken of developing Bushmill Dunes as far back as 1994. His wife is quoted by the golf publication as saying:

The Bushmills complex was the culmination of a life’s dreams, combining Ali’s passions for golf and for Northern Ireland.

When plans to develop Bushmill Dunes were announced, according to Golf Channel, locals were excited about the prospects of a world-class golf course located in their area. However, the legal hurdles involved in the project, opposition from National Trust (an environmentalist group) and the time elapsed before being given the go ahead to develop the property may have been too much and resulted in investors backing away. Golf Channel reports:

Hanna and his team have spent 19 years on the project thus far without putting a shovel in the ground. That’s the amount of time it’s taken to both acquire the land and conduct numerous feasibility and environmental studies. Their due diligence widely appeased country officials, and in February, Northern Ireland’s Environment Minister Alex Atwood gave the project the green light. But the support was not enough to satisfy the United Kingdom’s National Trust, who in June, announced it’s intentions to apply for judicial review of the development. Among the concerns expressed by the National Trust is the resort’s environmental impact, as well as the suggestion that building the resort so close to Giant’s Causeway could cause UNESCO to reconsider the natural wonder’s status as a National Heritage Site.

The decision by the Trust to oppose Bushmills Dunes has most of Ireland’s tourism industry in disbelief. Darren Clarke, who lives County Antrim and is a member at Bushfoot, expressed his displeasure with the Trust’s holdup prior to last week’s Irish Open.

‘The National Trust has a huge backing from Northern Ireland,’ he said. ‘9 million pounds, and they’re using it to block the new course, which can only enhance the area.’

After nineteen years of legal and political wrangling coupled with the enthusiasm local residents had for a high profile golf course nearby have been obliterated due to the staunch opposition of eco-fascists. Alistair Hanna did not live to see this, but his vision has been sacrificed on the altar of Gaia. The cheers of eco-Puritans like Friends of the Earth aren’t celebrating their allegedly having successfully defended a nearby UN Word Heritage Site from potential increased human presence in the vicinity, but are, in reality, expressing their pleasure at having squelched the hopes, aspirations, and leisurely enjoyment of others.