Russia to take advantage of global warming

I was pleasantly surprised to read a news story out of Russia. As it turns out, the head of the country’s weather service, Alexander Frolov, has spoken very highly of global warming. According to the Russian News Agency Itar-TASS, Frolov stated during a news conference:

“Global warming might give certain advantages to Russia — a longer navigation period and a shorter heat supply season, which are very important for Russia because it is the coldest country. Areas where grain and bean crops might be harvested will be considerably enlarged, mostly in western Siberia and in the Urals, and a life comfort zone will be broadened, moving it up to the north,” Frolov told the briefing.

However, Frolov is realistic and realizes there are downsides to the phenomenon as well:

“The negative effects of global warming are a growing threat of forest and peat bog fires, and possible breaking of a traditional way of life of the indigenous population of the North. Russia must be prepared to survive under conditions both of water shortages and floods,” he said.

Water shortages and floods have occurred in the past. I think mankind is at a point where we can not only survive but thrive resulting from climate change. This is due, in large part, to the technologically advanced civilization that we have become. Also, as Watts Up With That? guest blogger and author Bob Tisdale points out, computer-based model predictions are merely speculation at this time. Tisdale also points out:

[C]limate models do not properly simulate precipitation and they cannot simulate the coupled ocean-atmosphere processes that impact precipitation around the globe. Additionally, climate models do not properly simulate polar amplification, which has a strong impact on Russia surface temperatures.

He also links to the section at his blog on Climate Model Failings so people can confirm what he articulates.

The Russian weather agency head goes on to point out:

Climate on earth has become warmer by 0.7 degrees on the average over a period of ten years, while climate in Russia has warmed by 0.43 degrees in the same period, the expert said.

You can read about the Russian temperature surface data here.

When it comes to the Russian gentleman’s thoughts on this issue, they remind me of the video by Minnesotans for Global Warming‘s video I’m a Denier since he researched climate science before coming to his conclusion. You can see this hilarious parody in its entirely below.