Greenpeace fear mongering on Philippine typhoon

The UK Independent reported about the effects of the Philippine typhoon Hagupit that stuck the island nation. The paper reported that 3 people died, the storm knocked out power in most of the coastal provinces, knocked down a number of trees and caused almost a million people to flee for their lives. In the areas affected by the storm, lots of property damage occurred, shallow floods occurred but no major property damage was reported.

Apparently the storm is moving slowly which means more rainfall with the possibility of flash floods or landslides. Despite extreme weather and climate variability has been decreasing, Greenpeace has used the occasion making the case that storms like Hagupit are the result of climate change resulting from human carbon emissions. The group has started a Big Polluters Pay campaign that decries how people are victimized by the weather resulting from big fossil fuel companies raking in millions of dollars in profits as if they are uncaring corporate giants that are part of a global conspiracy to ravage the planet without any regard for mankind.

I could not help but note the irony of this statement from Ana Abad, Greenpeace’s climate justice campaigner for the island nation who was quoted by the Independent for saying:

“These typhoons are getting stronger and affecting more people,” Ms Abad said, “while those responsible for climate change – the coal, oil and gas companies – continue to contribute to the climate crisis.”

All of this hue and cry from a group that has not only demonized genetically modified foods that can feed people in developing countries like the Philippines, but also encouraged raids involving vandalism against laboratories involved in bio-tech food research. Environmentalist groups only pay attention to science when it suits their purpose. Greenpeace is responsible for more deaths in developing countries resulting from their GMO opposition that could ever happen during any natural disaster. The movie Armageddon has a brief but very appropriate slam against Greenpeace you can watch below.