Democrats trying to paint Republicans as anti-vaccine?

Back in February, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and Kentucky Senator Rand Paul were chastised and accused of being anti-vaccine by Democrats and their friends in the media. I have largely stayed out of the Left-Right debate but this deserves to be cleared up. As this Fox News interview with National Review columnist and author Jonah Goldberg will demonstrate, most of the anti-vaccine activism and denial hails from the Left, not the Right. This point plus also a number of anti-science positions (such as opposition to genetically modified foods) has been made not only by myself but also in the book The Science Left Behind which this author has reviewed.

The political Right has delved into anti-vaccine denial but it is my conclusion that their belief that faith, and not science, would save them from events like measles outbreaks got a stunning rebuke when a measles outbreak took place among the congregation of a Texas evangelical mega-church whose minister urged his flock not to vaccinate two years ago. This as opposed to places like in California, Oregon, and Washington that have low vaccination rates and who happen to be liberal in their politics in which environmentalism and New Age religion is an influence. While doctors who give in too easily to their patients refusing to vaccinate are also responsible, politics is largely a factor when it comes to much of the science denial seen today.