Morrissey forces his veganism on fans at Madison Square Gardens

The UK Daily Mail reports that 55-year old singer Morrissey has forced New York City’s Madison Square Gardens to serve only vegan food during his June 27th concert. The singer is an obsessed animal rights supporter to the point he also obsesses about what his fans eat. This means meat serving venues, like McDonalds, will be closed while Tom Morrisey performs at MSG.

Morrissey has also sent a letter to Live Earth organizers ex-US Veep Al Gore and Kevin Wall insisting they do the same. In his letter, Morrisey brags about insisting that each venue he performs at are 100 percent meat free. This demonstrates the arrogance of vegans and animal rights supporters. They not only brag about how they don’t eat meat but make it a point to to force their lifestyle on others one way or another. Morris’s example demonstrates that animal rights supporters are nothing more than nature-worshiping religionists who obsess about the lives of other people and seek to destroy the lives of others since they think they know what is best for everyone else.

For your viewing pleasure, below is a video of the Duck Dynasty family in a commercial produced by the Jimmy Kimmel show.