Anti-vaxxers encouraged to stalk pro-vaccine lobbyists

Despite an emotional outcry and opposition from anti-vcccine groups, last week California’s State Senate passed legislation, SB 277, mandating children in the state to be vaccinated in order to attend school. The Sacramento Bee reveals that during the controversy anti-vaccine parents not only found an ally with the California Chiropractic Association (CCA) but the group encouraged opponents of SB 277 to share the personal information of lobbyists who worked for the California Medical Association (CMA) and the California Academy of Family Physicians (CAFP).

A video has been uncovered by the CMA in which the California Chiropractic Association President, Brian Stenzler, tells a vaccinate mandate opponent to follow pro-vaccine lobbyists all day long. The CMA fired off a letter to Stenzler condemning his actions and advising him that his encouraging the stalking of lobbyists could make a volatile situation even worse with dire consequences. The group stated in no uncertain terms that the CMA would take all measures necessary to protect CMA employees and people who represent them. Police have also been notified in which there have been consistent reports of social media activities on the part of vaccine opponents making threats against and encouraging other opponents of SB 277 to stalk CMA employees.

The actions of anti-vaccine groups and opponents of SB 277 is very telling. The end result of SB 277 would effectively mean the end of the anti-vaccine movement in the state and maybe abroad. The chiropractor group that allied itself with vaccine opponents represents a pseudoscientific medical practice grounded in Eastern mysticism. The CCA stands to lose with the passage of SB 277 since it would be a chink in the armor of alternative medicine. The CCA subscribes to the same epistemological skepticism (i.e. the denial of absolute knowledge) that anti-vaccine groups do. Once vaccination rates in California go up and the amount of children contracting diseases like measles and small pox drops significantly, anti-vaccine groups will no longer have any moral legs to stand on to make their case denying the effectiveness of vaccines.

It is also no coincidence that environmentalists have had an influence on the anti-vaccine movement as well. The CCA, anti-vaccine groups and environmentalists are all united in their quest to subject humans to suffering and dying for their sick, demented, and twisted higher purposes. The chiropractors seek to practice their neo-religious pseudo medical practices grounded in Eastern mysticism. Anti-vaccine groups, like any religious faith, prefer to see children and adults to suffer in order to attain the higher ideal of natural immunity while environmentalists seek to sacrifice mankind overall to the needs of nature.

The fact that anti-vaccine groups resort to threats and intimidation is indicative of their lack of confidence in their position and their knowing that SB 277 will be the beginning of the end of their efforts. Including the New Age mysticism they and chiropractic groups subscribe to. With both group’s demise resulting from the passage of legislation like SB 277 it is my hope that it will usher in a new confidence in science-based medicine over smoke oil science.