Anti-drilling environmentalists trash Seattle water way

About a month ago environmentalists planned to halt Shell’s huge Polar Pioneer oil rig. It’s destination is the Arctic sea and was going to set sail this week after receiving the necessary permits from the city of Seattle. Environmentalists showed up with kayakers and a barge they brought along for PR and, according to NBC affiliate King 5 were able to slow the rig down for a whopping few minutes.

Fortunately, the Polar Pioneer was able to get underway and a nasty mess was left behind. Except it was the environmentalists, and not the oil rig, that did so. This left Shell divers with the task of having to clean up steel tethers and massive cement blocks used to anchor the kayakers and their barge. The total cost of the clean up totaled $10,000 and while the diving company hired to clean up the environmentalist’s mess, Global Underwater Explorers, was able to highlight its conducting the clearing the green’s mess, area residents were (understandably) upset at the green group’s callous disregard for the harbor’s environment.

Great job, environmentalists! You really got your point across by thrashing the harbor. Did you happen to notice the Polar Pioneer didn’t leave anything behind? I am sure you all will be good stewards of the environment and offer to cover the $10,000 needed to clean up after you too, correct? Did any of you notice any of your kayaks that are made up of oil-based materials ending up underneath the Polar Pioneer as she passed by? I guess cleaning up after yourselves isn’t a priority in the grand scheme of things. Way to contribute to climate change!