Meteorologists bitchslap Bill Nye on climate alarmist claims

The Daily Caller has revealed a fascinating exchange between Bill Nye the Science Guy and meteorologists Joe Bastardi and Ryan Maue. In an obvious attempt to hype weather events as being the result of climate change, Bill Nye asserted on his Twitter that account that flooding in Texas and warm temperatures in Alaska were the result of man made global warming. Fed up with Nye making such claims, Mssrs. Bastardi and Maue (rightly) pounced all over Nye.

Bill Nye should be praised for being right such as his recent change of heart on GMO’s, and his defense of evolution, but should be criticized when he is wrong. This is not the first time Bill Nye has been wrong on his assertions about global warming. Back in 2010 Nye debated Joe Bastardi during a segment on Bill O’Reilly’s Fox News Channel show that is on YouTube posted below for your enjoyment.