Leonardo DiCaprio pledges $15 million to fund green jihad

As if David and Angela Filo weren’t bad enough, another Left coast limousine liberal is also forking out cash to support the green’s war against human beings. According to The Huffington Post, Leonardo DiCaprio’s foundation just announced a $15 million cash infusion to a variety of environmental causes the Hollywood actor supports. The list includes not just conservation groups such as the World Wildlife Fund, Save the Elephants, the Wildlife Conservation Society, Waterkeeper Alliance and last, but certainly not least, the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC).

The NRDC is one of the most active green jihadist groups who not only lobbies to halt activities involving fossil fuel extraction (such as fracking and Arctic drilling) but also has an active litigation arm that sues companies or governments it determines are in violation of a variety of environmental statues. Anything from ground water pollution to fracking to carbon pollution controls are the subject of the NRDC’s lawsuits. Last year the organization reported revenues of approximately $120 million and is now the subject of a US Senate investigation probing into wether or not the group’s political activities violate its non-profit status.

It should also be noted that Waterkeeper Alliance conducts similar activities to NRDC except theirs is geared more toward sea and water quality-related issues. The group’s President is non other than U.S. House member Rep. Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Kennedy who is best known for his anti-vaccine advocacy by spreading baseless conspiracy theories about vaccines and autism. Waterkeeper’s latest crusade is to destroy family farms resulting from frivolous lawsuits. This on top of Waterkeepers’ suing to stop a wind farm off the coast of Cape Cod despite the organization’s expressed support of clean energy.

Leonardo DiCaprio may earn press and publicity for his foundation’s funding of environmentalist causes, but the devil is in the details about whom will be the recipient of his cash. In this instance it is two ardently religiously green political organizations dedicated to halting development and human progress. Like David and Angela Filo, DiCaprio is funding the very groups who not only hate his existence but also the wealth and productivity that helped him obtain the riches he enjoys. DiCaprio cannot be anything but fully aware of what and whom he is subsidizing and that is why he should be remembered not for his acting but for the philanthropic activities he has helped to support in order to give some sort of meaning to his meaningless life.