Meet the Yahoo billionaire and his wife who quietly fund the “War on Coal”

Philanthropy plays a vital role in funding environmentalist causes in which the green movement has a elaborate array of foundations and other non-profits that enable environmentalist groups to conduct the numerous operations they undertake.

Back in May, Politico published a detailed report on the Sierra Club’s successful efforts of the Beyond Coal campaign. I have also written about the Beyond Coal offensive before but, in many ways, was curious as to who else other than billionaire and former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg would bankroll it. It couldn’t be natural gas companies since the lid was blown off that scandal long ago.

Lo and behold that Inside Philanthropy reveals another primary source funding of the Sierra Club’s anti-coal crusade in an article published Monday. The report states, it isn’t just Michael Bloomberg subsidizing the Sierra Club’s endeavor. Among the primary sponsors of the Sierra Club’s war on coal are the Hewlett Foundation, the MacArthur Foundation, the Grantham Foundation, the Sandler Family Foundation, and the Yellow Chair Foundation. The Yellow Chair Foundation is the least known of the bunch and has been able to keep a relatively low profile, until now.

Yellow Chair’s San Francisco mailing address is for Pacific Foundation Services that assists in the management of multiple foundations. As it turns out, Yellow Chair reported assets of almost $300 million dollars and its financiers are none other than Yahoo billionaire David Filo and his wife Angela. Angela has an undergrad degree from Stanford University in human biology and a masters degree in journalism from UC Berkeley in which she manages the foundation’s operations and funding.

Yellow Chair was founded by the Filos in 2000 and the basis of the couple’s wealth is Yahoo! inc (whom David co-founded in 1995). David’s net worth is listed at $3.7 billion and, the worst part about it, not only does David still work at Yahoo! but these two Bay area elitist, rich liberals finance and manage a foundation that doled out loads of cash to not only the Sierra Club but also the Energy Foundation and the Environmental Defense Fund (the main recipient of the Filo’s donations).

The Filos have also put money behind a number of other liberal efforts, such as global women’s causes and the American Civil Liberties Union. That also includes funneling enough moolah to Stanford U where Angela attended classes and now serves as a member of the institution’s board.

Back in 2012, Thomas Sowell was was interviewed for his book Dismantling America. He pointed out that after the 9/11 terrorist attacks occurred and most people around the country put out America flags as a sign of solidarity that demonstrated our unity, the one place he observed had none was the UC Berkley campus he was visiting at the time including the expensive houses in the area surrounding the university.

The Filos obviously come from this kind of culture since their funding environmentalist groups demonstrates their hatred not only of civilization but their disdain of anyone (other than them) from being or able to become wealthy. In short, the Filos do not believe, if not outright hate, the Enlightenment principles upon which the United States was founded. These two channel their Leftist radicalism and anger seeking to dismantle the United States through the non-profits that they financially support.

Furthermore, I wonder how Yahoo! inc. investors would take to David Filo’s philanthropic political endeavors. He and his wife are financing environmentalist groups and a cause dedicated to ending the use of coal as an energy source that powers the very infrastructure that enables companies like Yahoo! to operate. This, in turn, will fall hardest on the middle class and poor since if coal use is ended their energy bills will spike.

The Filos have a right to do what they want with their money, but the two are financing the very groups who not only hate their existence but also the wealth and productivity that helped them obtain the riches they enjoy. Environmentalists especially resent technological innovation. The couple are not suffering from cognitive dissonance but, in my view, are fully aware of what and whom they are subsidizing. It doesn’t just make people like the Filos wrong, but thoroughly evil.