Church of England announces new “eco-theology”

Some Christian sects are falling all over themselves to out do one another on taking action on climate change. This spurned by Pope Francis’ encyclical calling for action on climate change and accusing mankind as being the source of environmental degradation. According to, in addition to divesting from fossil fuels, the Church of England has announced a new eco-theology the religious body has adopted that will entail having to train its clergy. The new direction the church also includes:

The Bishop of Salisbury Nicholas Holtam, the lead bishop for the environment, said: “The science, economics and politics all point in the same direction.

“Climate change disproportionately affects the poorest. They are most vulnerable to increased storms, rising sea level, changing patterns of rainfall, floods and drought. We live interconnected lives. What is bad for our neighbours is bad for us.”

Archbishop Justin Welby spoke in a debate with the Church’s Environment Working Group to consider the Church’s role in combating climate change.

Welby said: “We need an imaginative commitment to new ways of approaching the subject of climate change that does not accept a deterministic or selfish nationalistic policy.”

He added: “Symbolic action such as use of paper at General Synod, the amount we travel, and disinvestment or the tackling and engagement with companies in certain areas, such as arctic drilling, are equally important.”

This action takes place after the Anglican Church’s American affiliate voted to divest from fossil fuels earlier this month. However, Breitbart dug deeper in the Church’s divestment back in May. As it turns out, the Church of England has issued statements that tax avoidance is sinful but it has no problem using legal avoidance of taxes on its sustainable forestry holdings to skirt paying hundreds of millions of pounds in revenue. Not to mention the fact that biomass fuel production has pushed world food prices up that negatively affect people at or below the poverty line. Also, the source of much of metropolitan England’s power is the Drax power plant that burns wood chips imported from the United States. Just goes to show that when it comes to religion, like environmentalism, it is do as I say, not as I do.