Leonardo DiCaprio spends a week on yacht in mediterranean after receiving green award

Hours before raising $40 million for environmental causes the Prince of Monaco awarded Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio an award for his work on the environment. The UK Daily Mail points out that shortly after exchanging grins and handshakes with Monaco’s ruler, DiCaprio decided to celebrate by taking a one week cruise on his private luxury yacht traveling to places like Sardinia and Saint Tropez, France.

This is not the first time Leonardo DiCaprio has been taken to task for his environmental hypocrisy. Back in April, the Daily Mail revealed through a document leaked to the press that he took six flights by private jet in six weeks. DiCaprio stopped by Monaco to pick up his trophy after spending time in south France for an environmental fundraiser last Wednesday. Next evening, both the Prince and Leo also went to Saint Tropez to join a crowd of entertainment heavyweights that include Sir Elton John, Naomi Campbell and Michelle Rodriguez that included a live auction fundraiser for DiCaprio’s foundation of high end items that raised $3 million.

So what is it that Leonardo DiCaprio does to justify his lavish lifestyle? According to a 2007 article from The Washington Post, DiCaprio is among a number of wealthy individuals who fund carbon offset investments provided by none other than Al Gore. This system of privileges set up by Al Gore enables people to (in theory) offset their carbon footprint by subsidizing investments in things such as land and species preservation and reforestation. People such as movie director James Cameron help subsidize Al Gore’s green scheme while Hillary Clinton just jumped on this bandwagon for her presidential campaign.

Like I have pointed out before, environmentalists have borrowed the idea of a system of indulgences in the form of carbon offsets from the Catholic Church. For hundreds of years Catholic clergy sold indulgences as a way for people to offset their sins so they could enter Heaven. An ancient practice that has made a comeback with the blessing of Pope Francis. Carbon is the basis of all life on Earth and the reason why humans have carbon footprints is that people have lives and work and produce in order to live. Something environmentalist groups are diametrically opposed to. Including the existence of human life itself and no amount of investing in touchy-feely carbon offsets will erase that fact.