Anti-GMO activists seek to kill more humans

The Genetic Literacy Project reveals an anti-GMO organization known as the Consortium for Food Safety in Africa (CFSA) alleges Monsanto and the Bill Gates Foundation of engaging in bioterrorism resulting from hiring a company, Genetics Technologies International Limited, to create a mutant cassava virus strain to attack natural cassava viruses as well as develop versions of the mutant viruses to be resistant to itself.

CFSA alleges because of the GMO strain of cassava virus that can defend crops, Monsanto is the only company that can make it available since it now holds a defacto monopoly on its production. A Nigerian human rights lawyer counters the accusations stating that some of his country’s farmers were driven off their land due to attacks from the Islamic terrorist group Boko Haram. They have returned but needed to restart crop production of which the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation have funded the distribution of GMO crop seeds to Nigerian farmers affected by the attacks. The role of groups like the Gates Foundation and Monsanto, the lawyer states, is one of food security.

Environmentalists behind the slander campaigns against GMO’s and organizations that fund and manufacture them have contributed to the deaths os a huge number of individuals with their words and activities. After Europe banned the export of GMO’s to third world countries it has resulted in massive starvations and death. The attack by environmentalist groups such as CSFA on GMO’s is as much an assault on our food supply as much as it is grounded in their hatred not only of science and human life.