French animal “rights” group attempts damage control over animal theft backlash

The French animal rights group Cause Animale du Nord is in damage control mode due to the outrage resulting from video footage taken of their activists stealing a homeless man’s dog. The New York Daily News quotes officials with the organization saying that the dog was drugged.

Cause Animale du Nord spokespersons say that the activists got a tip that the puppy was one the street and that the homeless man threw himself on top of the animal that resulted in stunning the dog. The group further alleges that the dog’s pupils were dilated and he was staggering around. However, more than 200,000 people have signed an online petition demanding an investigation into the group and the incident surrounding the puppy’s theft. Watch the video for yourself below and see if there is any indication the puppy was stunned.

Cause Animale du Nord also had the audacity to post on their Facebook page that the puppy was fine and  up for adoption. Essentially, Cause Animale du Nord will not return the puppy to the homeless man they stole it from. The result of these people taking away this man’s dog could result in the homeless man suffering a mental breakdown. The puppy may have been the only thing that gave some sort of meaning to the homeless man’s life. But what do they care? The homeless man’s death would be one less cancerous human being on the planet.

UPDATE – 10/05/15: According to the UK Telegraph Cause Animal du Nord returned the puppy to its rightful owner.