Trump energy plan: Drill more, regulate less

Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump released details of his energy policy on Thursday. At a policy conference in North Dakota, The New York Times reports Donald Trump not only called for more drilling and less regulation of the fossil fuel industry, he  also flatly stated that not only would he undo the climate rules President Obama implemented by Executive Order. The effect of Obama’s decree is running running coal mines out of business. Trump will also cancel the Paris Climate Accord the President unilaterally made the United States join as well.

While the Paris Climate treaty is voluntary and non-binding until the United States Congress approves it, the symbolism behind his approval is true to President Obama’s contention that it is not fair that our nation has so much wealth and prosperity. In Obama’s view, the United States should pare down its exceptionalism and its standing in the world since no culture (including Western Civilization) is better than any other.

Fortunately, Mr. Trump also promised to end funding of global warming programs. While not addressing the science surrounding climate change, according to The Times, he did state that he would undo many of President Obama’s decrees such as Obama’s restructuring  offshore oil drilling and approving the contruction of the Keystone XL Pipeline. We’re going to deal with real environmental challenges, not the phony ones we’ve been hearing about, Trump said. His proposals also cited an Institute for Energy Research study that clearly shows that removing current energy regulations would unleash not only a large amount of new jobs but also a massive increase in economic productivity.

Donald Trump’s energy proposals are much better than Hillary Clinton’s since his plan emphasizes economic freedom as opposed to Hillary’s that emphasizes altruistic sacrifice. Energy use is a necessity for a civilization like ours and the increased availability of fossil fuels for us to use not only means relief for consumers but efficient, cheap energy overall. It also debunks the allegations environemntalists make that resources are limited and humans consume too much. Environmentalists find the West’s wealth and prosperity abhorrent becuase they hate the idea that people other than them can live comfortable, prosperous lives. Despite the science not agreeing with their finite resource narrative, it won’t stop environmentalists from continuing to try to not only prevent oil production but to have drilling and mining for any reason outlawed.

In the below video, Institute for Energy Research President Tom Pyle, The Wall Street Journal‘s Senior Video Reporter Shelby Holliday and University of Maryland Economist Peter Morici discuss Donald Trump’s speech including his proposal of constructing the Keystone Pipeline on the Fox Business Network.