Feds permit wind mills to kill more bald eagles

Back in May, ABC News published a revealing story that is symbolic about the nature, not just of this blog, but of environmentalism itself. At the time and as the article points out, the Fish and Wildlife Service published a rule increasing the amount of bald eagles allowed to be killed by an energy project from 1,160 to 4,200. This based on the agency’s claim that the bald eagle population is healthy enough to sustain such loses.

It isn’t just the demonstration of a once endangered species in danger of going back to extinction, but demonstrates environmentalists exist to destroy civilization. The windmills are (in theory) supposed to use a natural element of Earth to generate power for humans. They are supposed to lessen human usage of Earth’s resources and are a policy environmentalists have advocated for years. The bald eagle is the symbol of the United States of America, the greatest country that has ever existed. But the US and the people who make it up will be sacrificed to the needs of nature as symbolized by the bald eagles who will be killed resulting from windmill use.

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    “increasing the amount of bald eagles allowed to be killed by an energy project from 1,160 to 4,200. This based on the agency’s claim that the bald eagle population is healthy enough to sustain such loses.”

    Where’s the outrage form ‘green’ groups and the ‘climate change’ activist mainstream media? There isn’t any because ‘Global Warming’ is an ideology, a religion. It was, and never will be about the environment.

    Who cares about slaughtering millions of birds, bats and endangered bald eagles when you’re trying to “Save The Planet”.

    Despicable hypocrisy. Though not surprising when the ‘climate change’ orthodoxy/ideology is involved.

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  2. I think this is insanity at least if not downright craziness that any part of our government thinks it is okay to take any animal that did at some point almost reach extinction levels and then allow them to reach to endangered species list and now they are coming back little bits at a time and think it is okay to kill more of them because they have been making what little comeback they possibly can? This is stupidity at its worst and I don’t understand why this is not a national outrage to say the least – since it is not only a beautiful and rarely seen species of bird but also our nations representative and on all denominations of the dollar as representative of beauty in nature at its finest and they want to kill more of them because they say the population has increased and can handle it? They have no idea if the population can handle it because if the population of wild bald eagles gets some disease or something else happens – we could lose every last one of them and then what? Would it still be on our dollar bills representing our nation? This is so stupid and it is and was and always has been I thought to kill one of these beautiful and elegant creatures yet when it comes to money and someone’s idea of an energy production increase it is somehow more important than our national animal representative? I cannot believe that once again humans put themselves above nature and don’t care as long as it makes them some money since the world revolves around it and everyone needs it and uses it but how stupid then to have the bald eagle of every piece of currency we have and use yet allowing more of them to die because of some way to help the planet with some energy project – they think this is a reasonable loss? It isn’t a loss, it is a downright purposeful slaughter of our national bird and one that represents our country of every piece of currency there is. How stupid can we be? I guess pretty damned stupid.

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  3. What is not mentioned is the hundreds of birds which are injured, wings broken, internal injuries, cracked skulls, that survice only to die a slow painful terrifying death.. These birds are majestic and beautiful .. but because big corporations are raking in massive profits and subsidies (with kick-backs to bureaucrats) they do their best to keep it all swept under the carpet… Wind power was never feasible and never will be… If it were then the subsidies should have been stopped along time ago… Evil people in power.. that’s the bottom line.


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