Monsignor: Pope to “convince” Trump on climate action

In an interview with ANSA, Chancellor of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences Monsignor Marcelo Sanchez claims the Pope will be able to convince President Donald Trump to change his mind about climate change during their May 24th meeting. He thinks because Trump has changed his mind about other matters that the President is persuadable.

This is coming from the same institution whose leader not only melded the Catholic doctrine of original sin with climate change with Francis’ declaration, the Pope travels extensively using the very fossil fuels he claims to reel against. Francis also encourages world leaders to commit cultural suicide by letting in more refugees from the Middle East. This despite the fact that not only has the Vatican taken in very few refugees and after doing so, Europe has seen an significant increases in women being attacked, raped and terrorist attacks.

There are plenty of other examples of the Pope intentionally ignoring reality as well. For example, scolded the idea of a border wall, yet a large section of the wall ordered constructed by Pope Leo IV to protect the Pontiff’s palace from Muslim attacks in 846 still exists today. Francis has already signaled his church’s surrender by allowing Islamic prayer and Quran readings at the Vatican too.

With all of the above in mind, plus also President Trump’s executive orders and signing legislation dismantling Obama’s climate change policies, the Monsignor’s assertion is probably nothing more than hot air. Fortunately, Francis’ enunciation, has had no effect in influencing the climate change debate. The head of the Catholic Church and environmentalists now stand in vile solidarity in their quest to revert civilization to another Dark Ages by enslaving human beings to their collective will. Both ultimately are not only anti-human, they are anti-life.