The Tyranny of Guilt

During 2012 French philosopher and author Pascal Bruckner published a book titled The Tyranny of Guilt. In his book, Bruckner makes the case that the West (specifically Europe) does not have a monopoly on evil and should be proud of its accomplishments while defending itself along with its values.

Sadly and at some point, guilt and megalomania over its past became a European obsession. Consequently, public intellectuals and politicians declared the continent must atone for its past horrors. It started doing so by allowing mass migrations of immigrants and refugees from the Middle East and Africa in hopes (in theory) of civilizing them. Sadly, the results have been a complete failure, resulting in mass cases of women being harassed or raped and terrorist attacks.

The left uses guilt in order to make the case for their policies all the time. Obama blamed United States foreign policy for Muslim terrorist attacks while environmentalists blame human activity for climate change and a whole host of environmental occurrences. Thankfully, the election of Donald Trump is a repudiation of those assertions. It is important for any nation or people to acknowledge and repudiate the mistakes of its past but to not accept blame for something present and future generations did not contribute to.

Below is an interview Pascal Bruckner had with columnist Nick Cohen at a forum in London, England.

NOTE: The photo is of the statue of Cain coming from having killed his brother Abel in Tuileries Park, Paris, France.