Al Gore Despair as Global Warming Scam Fails

Al Gore has a meltdown and despairs as his climate change alarm-ism fails with the general public in Australia. His worst fears have been realized as he fails to become the planet’s first climate Billionaire.

Two years ago, Andrew Bolt presented The Bolt Report and presents a CSIRO report on Australian attitudes to the climate change con. Even though CSIRO is funded by the government to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars every year to do climate ‘research’ and so has a vested interest in prolonging the scare, it cannot hide the facts that are revealed in its 5-year study.

Despite asking favorable questions, and spinning the data as much as possible to favor CO2 alarm-ism, the CSIRO, Al Gore and the climate hysteria are all seen to have been utter failures at alarming the Australian public. What happened in Australia is reflective of what happened among Americans in the United States.