Opposition raised on VA canine medical testing ban

Back in July, the US House of Representatives overwhelmingly passed a set of spending bills of which one included language banning the use of canines in almost all medical experiments for Department of Veterans Administration labs.

The Senate was set to take up the spending bills that includes the canine testing ban this week. Fortunately, a major roadblock has arisen that can delay or even undermine the prohibition. The Washington Examiner reported Tuesday that the American Legion has weighed in strongly against the ban, urging Senators to strip the canine testing ban from the legislation.

In its correspondence to Senators, the American Legion pointed out that VA research has helped save the lives of veterans suffering from heart problems, diabetes and post-traumatic stress disorder. The group also pointed out not only are VA vivisection practices vital to saving lives, they were also well within ethical and federal standards as required by the US Department of Agriculture and the National Institutes of Health.

Other organizations have expressed opposition to the dog testing ban too. During August, Friends of VA Medical Care and Health Research raised its voice calling on the House Appropriations Committee to remove the canine testing ban language as well.

Hopefully such voices will have an impact in preventing the canine testing ban from passing. Opposition to or seeking to outlaw medical testing with animals (aka vivisection) is not about saving animal from alleged cruelty. Rather it is about denying humans life saving treatments and therapies for human beings resulting from medical research. This being pushed for by so-called animal rights in order to kill people of due to their hatred of human life.