Mayim Bialik hates Thanksgiving because of Veganism and “genocide”

Big Bang Theory star Mayim Bialik is really feeling triggered due to Thanksgiving. The television star hates the holiday because it is about gluttony, turkeys are slaughtered and she considers it a day of genocide.

Essentially, Bialik seeks to virtue signal by sanctioning the Left’s garbage lie that the US was founded on land stolen from native Indians. Bialik also resents Thanksgiving because it coincides with the Jewish holiday Sukkot. However, that may have been the Pilgrim’s original intent to begin with.

In any event, despite her only good thought was liking the Thanksgiving Day Parade, below is Mayim Bialik’s video rant. Admittedly, posting it gives her publicity but it is Bialik using the occasion to express her hate while championing Leftist revisionist history, including animal rights and the green movement’s unofficial diet.

Despite Bialik’s drivel, have a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving!

PHOTO CREDIT: Pinterest – Debbie Downer