Microbeads in UK waterways and fish, oh my!

People obviously feel a lot safer now that Great Britain has banned microbeads. Its a wonder that this problem went so long without being addressed. It is outrageous that beauty product makers used microbeads since they can end up polluting water ways and end up in the bowels of animals, like fish, just like environmentalists tell us, right?

One can only imagine the horrors of one walking along London Bridge and seeing the Thames river filled with nothing but these horrid, tiny plastic balls. Until recently, its clear Britons were aghast and losing sleep that microbeads would end up in other rivers, streams, lakes or even oceans they swim in or the fish Britons eat.

Britons could have been poisoned, or even worse, choke on microbeads had the British government not banned this latest scourge that would do serious damage to the environment.

Even though the producers can make microbeads out of biodegradable products, environmentalists say the plastic beads don’t break down and that point has to be true, right? Environmentalists wouldn’t lie, would they? I mean it’s not like they meant to deceive us about climate change even though their science claiming humans were the cause of it has been consistently been proven wrong.

That also includes authors of recent study about microbeads affecting the well being of fish were found guilty of scientific dishonesty last year by a scientific panel in Sweden. Greens cannot ever be wrong about such an awful threat to our ecosystem such as microbeads. They could be anywhere at anytime and, by jove, they need to be stopped!

Had microbeads not been banned they could have ended up in the fault lines in the Home Counties sparking an earthquake worse than what happened in 1884 or even asphyxiate people if forest fires ever broke out like what occurred six years ago in parts of the Scottish Highlands, Wales, Berkshire, Lancashire and Yorkshire.

People, especially women, don’t need to them to clean their skin as they can find other things to use. Like Star Trek’s Mr. Spock said, the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few. Or the one. But, then again, Captain Kirk then said the needs of the one outweigh the needs of the many.

None the less, it is a moral imperative to pass a law outlawing microbeads. This is a scourge that cannot stand since women should not rely on such things to make themselves pretty. Remember, beauty is only skin deep, isn’t it?