The Unrelenting Guilt of Environmentalist Anti-Procreation

The effects of environmentalism’s anti-human ethics are still being felt, especially when it comes to having children. The New York Times has an article that details this, pointing out that the discussions grounded in climate alarmism about the role of having children has in changing the climate are intensifying.

However, the article’s premise and the people profiled’s conclusions are on questionable ground since The Times even admits in the second paragraph of its article: [F]ew studies have examined how large a role climate change plays in people’s childbearing decisions.

What is of note are the conclusions people came to and are quoted who have drank the environmentalist Kool Aid as transmitted by a green group profiled named Conceivable Future. One Ohio woman is quoted as saying she had another baby so her daughter would not have to face the coming environmental apocalypse alone.

Here some more:

But scientists’ projections, if rapid action isn’t taken, are not “congruent with a stable society,” said Ms. Guy, 32, who works at a marine conservation nonprofit in Washington. “I don’t want to give birth to a kid wondering if it’s going to live in some kind of ‘Mad Max’ dystopia.”

A few years ago, [Cate Mumford] traveled to China, where air pollution is a national crisis. And all she could think was, “I’m so glad I’m not going to bring a brand-new baby into this world to suffer like these kids suffer.”

Parenthood is “something that I want,” said Elizabeth Bogard, 18, a freshman at Northern Illinois University. “But it’s hard for me to justify my wants over what matters and what’s important for everyone.

These are three of many examples and it is a mentality groups, like Concievable Future, seek to encourage. Not surprisingly, mainstream media outlets, like The New York Times, are all too willing to help this narrative along. The claim that humans are the cause of climate change is borrowed from the Catholic doctrine of original sin.

From the time a person is born, he or she is collectively responsible for the bad things that happen to the planet. Therefore, the expectation is that people must sacrifice a part of or all of their lives for their sin of changing the Earth’s perfect climate and natural environment that existed before mankind showed up.