Video Shows Obsessive Mentality of Environmentalists

AsapSCIENCE is a video channel owned and operated by two gay men, Mitchell Moffit and Gregory Brown, out of Canada. The two state they started their YouTube video channel after finishing university in order to stay connected to the scientific community and help spur interest in science among the general public.

While Moffit and Brown seem to accept that humans are the cause of climate change, they recently released a hilarious video that seeks to communicate how humans affect the climate. In reality, it ridicules the neurotic habits of environmentalists who obsess over keeping their carbon footprint low.

Further exploration of the points they raise in their videos might actually be a way for the couple to communicate how ridiculous environmentalism and the science of human-induced climate change truly is. In short, the two gentlemen maybe seeking to undermine the very causes they claim the champion and, best of all, they are getting away with it because they are gay. Regardless of the two’s intent, this is a funny video that shows no matter how hard on tries, there is no amount of effort that someone can do to prevent emitting carbon emissions.