Leftist Utopians and the Civil War

Over a hundred and fifty years ago, the United States fought a Civil War over the issue of slavery. The rationale for it was not only that slavery was sanctioned by God but mostly that some people were not considered human. Slavery, it is said, has been abolished. However, the ideology that fueled it, is not.

One intriguing column authored by by a former Leftist at American Greatness reveals why the Left opposes teacher’s carrying guns. His column also makes a very distinct, fascinating observation as to why Leftists have embraced violence despite the author stating that they are unwilling to attack.

With those benighted Yahoos (the Swiftian word for Deplorables) no civil dialogue is possible or acceptable—not possible because the benighted lack the mental equipment to understand utopia, not acceptable because the utopian cannot risk being seen socializing with Yahoos, lest he incur suspicion of a secret kinship with them.

Those who carry guns mark themselves, the author states, and are considered alien to their utopian enclaves. The Left still believes in superiority over others including slavery. This is evidenced by the thousands of illegal immigrants they encourage to come to the US from Latin American countries to manipulate for their own ends (i.e. slave labor).

This logic explains why a new civil war has broken out and Leftist violence has flourished in recent years. To the Left, when a black block punk, environmentalist or other Leftist attacks their opponents, it isn’t violence because the victims aren’t human and the activity they were engaged in went against their utopian vision.

With all of this in mind, it is no wonder that the Left has now decided to embrace violence. Because opponents stand in their way they must be removed to achieve their utopia at all costs. This being the case, the Left cannot be defeated, it must be destroyed.

How is it done? In many ways, the violent conflict the Left has initiated was unavoidable and, sadly, may last many years with carnage comparable to the first U.S. Civil War since they give no indication of backing down. The preferable choice is to take away control of education from them. Support political candidates who back school choice, legislation to enact education choice grants or tax credits, along with starting substitute school systems. If it is financially possible, remove your kids from public schools, and either homeschool them, or send your kids to a charter or private school.

There are efforts afoot to create alternative education choices and, hopefully, it will be a much larger trend. Once their control of education is taken away from them, the Left can no longer indoctrinate children and they and their key utopian institution will be gone along with their morally bankrupt political movement.