Environmentalists Gear Up for Fight Over Minnesota Pipeline

Environmentalist groups and their native American allies are gearing up for a fight over a recently approved upgrade to an oil pipeline that crosses the state. According to The Wall Street Journal, local sheriffs have been in contact with law enforcement in North Dakota seeking advice on how to handle protesters.

What police in Minnesota, rightly, seek to avoid is a repeat of what happened with the North Dakota Access Pipeline in which environmentalist and native American groups conducted protests that exploded into violence. According to The Wall Street Journal, the difference between this pipeline and the one in North Dakota, is that it would not only carry crude oil from Alberta, Canada across Minnesota into Wisconsin, but the pipeline would be a replacement of one constructed in the 1950’s and has been in continuous need of repair.

Despite state regulators approving the construction, one Indian tribal attorney said he will challenge their decision in court if need be claiming that the pipeline is unnecessary since Minnesota’s oil refineries get enough oil already. The project itself would cost almost $3 million and result in thousands of new jobs. But the pipeline’s owner, Enbridge Inc. still has to obtain almost thirty federal and state permits along with approval from the Minnesota Natural Resources since public parks and lands will be affected by the project.

Like what happened with the North Dakota Access Pipeline, the events unfolding in Minnesota perfectly illustrates the conflict as to what is at stake in the overall controversy with fossil fuels.

On one side are environmentalists and Indian activists whose opposition is based on primitive and even pagan mysticism, while on the other is Enrbidge, Inc. who supports its assertions and makes the case for its pipeline upgrade based on the facts of reality. Enbridge is obtaining the permits and, hopefully, will successfully defend their pipeline in and out of court.

Ultimately, the pipeline opponents oppose it as part of their effort to halt the distribution of fossil fuels with the end goal of reverting mankind back to the primitivism environmentalists and Indian tribal opponents revere. It would be interesting to find out how much fossil consumption pipeline protesters used in order to travel and participate in their savage, anti-life campaigns. However, if the events in North Dakota were any indication, the protests can quickly degenerate into violence and it will primary be the fault of the protesters since they usually are the instigators.