Fraud In The National Climate Assessment (Part 1)

This is the first of a series of videos done by author and scientist Tony Heller exposing the dishonest practices of the government scientists who wrote the 2018 National Climate Assessment. They have an agenda, and the agenda has nothing to do with informing the public about climate.

When it comes to climate change, Dave Barry made a hilarious remark one time saying:

You know how scientists claim that global warming is causing the oceans to rise, and if something isn’t done, eventually North America will be covered by water as far inland as Mason City, Iowa, the result being that – among other disasters – the nation’s entire pig population could be stung to death by jellyfish? Well, what if, in fact, the continents are sinking under the weight of fruitcakes, which are the densest objects on earth, other than World Wrestling Federation fans? When is the Food and Drug Administration going to recognize what is happening and take some kind of regulatory action involving nuclear missiles against “Baker Maid Products,” a company that actually bakes fruitcakes?