Australian Election a Rejection of Environmentalist Elites

Some welcome news out of Australia. The country’s center-right Liberal – National Coalition pulled off an upset, winning the country’s parliamentary election when all polls and media were predicting a Labor Party upset. In the end, it was the economy, stupid! From ABC:

Scott Morrison has earnt a permanent place as a Liberal Party legend — returning the Government in what was meant to be an unwinnable election for the Coalition.

Mr Morrison smashed the doctrine that disunity will lead to electoral death.

Despite three prime ministers in two terms of government, the Queensland swing to back the Coalition and swings in Tasmania and WA showed that ultimately jobs and fear of change are too dominant.

The Prime Minister made the campaign all about economic management and himself — out-campaigning Labor by running a brutal and stunning campaign demolishing Labor’s big-target policy agenda.

Mr Morrison made the campaign a referendum on him and Bill Shorten, and downplayed the Liberal brand — cultivating a new Scott Morrison image and promising to be a steady pair of hands on the economy.”

You can read the entire article here.

The Labor Party tried to push climate alarmism to the point where even teenagers panicked over the idea of Scott Morrison and the Liberal – National Coalition holding power again. Aussie environmentalists and their media talking head allies overplayed their hands and, thankfully, it blew up in their faces.

Since Australia is a colony of England, no doubt many Down Under got to see what went on in London with the Extinction Rebellion protests in London demanding action on man-made climate change. Including how oblivious the effort was to the average Londoner when the group’s activists shut down major transportation arteries causing transportation disruptions around the city.

Just like what happened with the Democrats in the United States, and Italy’s Democratic Party, the Australian Left obviously has lost touch with the country’s culture and pushing job-killing, climate change policies was a reason why the Leftists were sent packing.

(H/T Wattsupwiththat)