The Founding Fathers: Race, Sex, Class, and Justice in the Origins of America

In recent years the political Left has made even more of a concerted effort to degrade, denigrate, and even delete or rewrite American history. This also includes teaching students that America’s Founding Fathers were racists, sexists, etc. More recently, during this past Monday, the city council of Thomas Jefferson’s Virginia hometown, Charlottesville, passed an ordinance declaring the city will no longer celebrate the Sage of Monticello’s birthday and replace it with another instead.

During the late 1990’s historian and author Thomas G. West published a book entitled Vindicating the Founders which answered and refuted many of the charges brought against the founders of the United States. Below is an interview Dr. West of on CSPAN where he discusses the details of his book.

PHOTO CREDIT: By Howard Chandler Christy – The Indian Reporter, Public Domain,