The Irony of the New York Blackout

A major power outage has occurred in New York City tonight. According to The New York Times, a segment of the West Side of Manhattan was affected resulting in thousands of people in subways and even elevators trapped, and drivers having to use their own judgement when crossing intersections since traffic lights were also out. Even Times Square’s lights were fading in and out too.

New York City’s politics are very Leftist and politicians and even newscasters are demanding answers from the city’s power company, Con-Ed. Yet their outcry is highly ironic due to their opposition energy production, such as constructing new power plants, or opposing the use of fossil fuels which enables New Yorkers to have cheap, abundant sources of energy. However, these Leftist politicians and media pundits should actually be glad the blackout occurred since it will reduce the carbon footprint of everyone affected by it.

In reality, incidents like this reveal how deceptive environmentalists truly are. They advocate for mankind to be relegated to living in the dark for all time, while they get to keep their lights on. In other words, abundant energy for me, but not for thee.

Oddly enough, it was on this day back in 1977 that most of New York City experienced a blackout that lasted at least one whole day and New York was plunged into utter mayhem and chaos. Below is a video discussing that event.