Connor Betts: Leftist True Believer

The New York Times gives some interesting insights of Dayton, Ohio nightclub district shooter Connor Betts. What is very sad is that he killed his sister during his shooting spree and The Times reveals early indications as to the kind of angry person he was, including that he was a candidate for just such a tragedy as demonstrated by his anger, especially his hostility to women.

The New York Times states:

““I don’t want to say I saw it coming,” said Mika Carpenter, 24, who met the gunman, Connor Betts, 24, at a summer camp when they were both 13. “But if it was going to be anybody it was going to be him.”

Like others who knew Mr. Betts as a teenager, Ms. Carpenter recalled his dark and often violent jokes, including riffs about “bodily harm” that led many to keep their distance.

“He was kind of hateful to women because they didn’t want to date him,” she said. Still, she became friends with him because, she said, she saw that he had a good side.

Mr. Betts often expressed concerns to her about having dark thoughts, she said.

“I remember specifically him talking about being scared of the thoughts that he had, being scared that he had violent thoughts,” said Ms. Carpenter, who cut off contact with him in 2013 after he lashed out at her during an online chat. “He knew it wasn’t normal.””

Betts was a Leftist in which The Associated Press reports he posted tweets from a Twitter account attributed to him identifying as such, including expressing support for Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren. Heavy also points out that on some of his tweets, Betts not only praised Satan but, after the 2016 election, he tweeted not only his love for guns but that he wanted Socialism and wasn’t going to wait for the idiots to come round to understanding.

Connor Betts perfectly fits the profile of the misfits that Eric Hoffer writes about in his book The True Believer. Betts embraced a political ideology (Socialism) that gave meaning to his meaningless life. When the United States wasn’t embracing Socialism like he wanted, and he couldn’t connect with others (especially women), at some point he probably decided he would make one last (in his mind) heroic attempt to achieve his political vision even if the result was the taking of his own life.

In fairness, El Paso shooter Patrick Crusius (who supported Donald Trump) seems to fit the same profile as Connor Betts. But what should be concerning, is that there are more people like Connor Betts and Patrick Crusius out there. It doesn’t matter what side of the aisle Betts or Crusius were politically. What they did resulting from their overall social status and in order to further their political causes should be a warning to us all.