Are Extinction Rebellion Heroes or Villains?

The Daily Mail broke a story last week that Extinction Rebellion hoodlums are being paid up to £400-a-week for the their terrorizing London for the past two weeks. Some up to £70,000 in the past four months alone. However, despite ruining many people’s lives, the group’s leadership has the gall to be worried about the potential tax bill they could face.

Below is an interview with two Extinction Rebellion supporters named Paul Stephens and Christine Hamilton had on ITV‘s Good Morning Britain co-hosted with Piers Morgan. The questions and frustrations posed by the three panelists reflects the average Londoner’s frustration with XR’s nihilistic, sanctimonious tactics and attitude.

Addendum 10/15/2019: London Police report having arrested up to 1309 XR protesters in London. This after XR leadership encouraged their supporters to do so.