Erica Mena Reveals She’s Anti-Vaccine Via Instagram Stories: ‘Never Inject Them!’

Mizuki Hizaka, Inquisitr, November 19, 2019

Erica Mena is pregnant with a baby girl, and she took to Instagram stories today to reveal her anti-vaccine stance. The first post that was available was a screenshot of an article, which claimed that Japan has the world’s highest life expectancy and lowest infant mortality. The headline suggested that this was true because the country is supposedly anti-vaccine.

From there, the Love & Hip Hop star moved on to share screenshots of discussions among people about sudden infant death syndrome, also known as SIDS. One person claimed that they were an ER nurse, and that there was a correlation between well visits and the unexpected death.

Another photo compiled a couple of pieces of information, which included the recommended vaccine schedule for newborns, along with stats on SIDS.

“Love them – protect them, never inject them!” noted Erica in the captions.


PHOTO CREDIT: A hospitalized baby suffering from pertussis. This is what Erica Mena wants for her baby.


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