The Political Slogan That Defined Politics This Year

As Tucker Carlson explained, the Left’s demonizing police officers and politicizing their jobs is an extension of their seeking power on his Fox News show last night. It includes causing as much chaos as possible (even if people die) in order for the Left to make themselves out to be the solution to the problems they started. In theory, Leftists could make the case to people to give them power in order for the unrest to stop.

In a cynical ploy, Los Angeles County politicians voted to look into ways they can remove the county sheriff and make sheriffs statewide appointed by counties so they are not elected. Doing so would hinder Golden State sheriffs from doing their job. Environmentalists would love not having to worry about cops since they could sabotage and even attack people involved in the fossil fuel industry just like what happened at the Standing Rock North Dakota Access Pipeline.

You can watch Tucker’s monologue from last night here.