A Call For A “Restoration Movement”

My tiny little perch has afforded opportunities to help ride waves of viral news and even help generate backlash against the Left, including calling them out for their racist or bigoted nonsense and this essay will be no different. In addition to oppressive actions by British soldiers, it took circulating a number of essays and pamphlets to inspire patriots in the American colonies to take action against the tyranny of King George III in order for America to win its independence from Great Britain. This essay is in that spirit, to be a manifesto to call for a non-violent revolt against the totalitarianism of the Leftist Taliban‘s so-called cultural revolution.

However, in light of recent circumstances related to COVID-19, I realize there may be reluctance to undertake what I suggest due to being unsure about future economic or social stability. But the sooner this Restoration Movement is undertaken the better. From a political standpoint, 2020 turned out to be a really bad year, but that does not mean it has to stay that way. It took only about three months for the left to successfully remove certain aspects of American culture and what has been cancelled can and should be restored.

The Right or sane parts of America can and should undertake efforts to restore much (if not all) of the things the Left has removed. This should be done with great swiftness since their having done so was grounded in nothing more than racism and bigotry.

For example, with the cancellation of Aunt Jemima, did the Left even bother to consult the family of the woman the product was based on? Probably not. With the cancellation of the images of Uncle Ben or the smiling cook on Cream of Wheat, the Left refused to consider that for a time, according to Thomas Sowell, the majority of successful catering businesses in major American cities, like Chicago, were owned by black people.

Even the American Indian woman on Land O’Lakes Butter, affectionately known as Mia, was removed as part of a racist stereotype the left furthered. We can’t have any positive images of minorities or women on our food products now can we?

With the their attacks on our nation’s founders, the left would not even consider the anti-slavery views and activities of the Founding Fathers, nor even the falsehood that Thomas Jefferson and Sally Hemings had an affair or she involuntarily birthed his children. This logic that I speak of extends to every statue, art piece removed, and even the reputation of every person cancelled because of the left’s outcry resulting from either lies or accusations (which are not proof of wrongdoing). That includes people such as Kate Smith best known for singing the song God Bless America but also used her singing talents to openly belittle racism.

If there are any racist elements of said products, historical figures, or pieces of art (unless it or the past of the subject in question is blatantly obvious) it should be acknowledged and condemned but restored none the less. Today’s intent is to present them as a positive example for all or can even be a means to teach others about past mistakes.

The left conducted these cancel campaigns to not only erase history, but in an attempt to diminish people’s ability to deal with complex issues. In short, cancel culture is an attack on people’s ability to think and reason for ourselves. This idea should not only be soundly rejected but also resisted and a good way to do that is to restore what the left has undone.

History and human events are complex and people must learn to deal with complexity as part of their ability to learn and grow. That also applies to people who may have said and done things in their past they may now regret. Depending on who it is and what was done, they should be forgiven but not forgotten. We choose to live for today and look to a bright future while refusing to live in or obsess about past mistakes or evils.

In terms of the cultural fixtures (past or present, living, fictional or deceased) the left has had removed, the contemporary connotations is what matters more than what was done in the past. Facts, not someone’s feelings, are what matter and the Restoration Movement should not only speak with our wallets, but also with our words and actions contacting each of the companies or entities that reacted to the left’s racist and bigoted efforts and demand they reverse course.

This restoration campaign does not have to be an organized effort or even have a leader. But people can act individually or in cells contacting companies or entities that have cancelled due to the left’s pressure and demanding they restore what they have undone can have enormous impact. Even just speaking out and refusing to be silent while someone is being oppressed or condemning an effort to censor truthful information will go a long way. Best of all, it will drive the left nuts.

There will be risks, but the stakes will be massive. This effort will take time and perseverance but it can be done. Like Ronald Reagan reminds it: Evil is powerless if the good are unafraid. The below videos beautifully and hilariously demonstrate the racist and bigoted intent of the regressive left’s cancel campaign. Let’s get cracking!

PHOTO CREDIT: Statue of Freedom restoration 1993 By IvoShandor – Own work, CC BY 2.5, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=2538006