Were Capitol Hill P.D. Told To “Stand Down” In Order To Stop E.C. Challenges?

A curious article at the Daily Caller may shed some light on why the violence at Capitol Hill occurred. Oddly enough, a Capitol Hill police officer takes a selfie with rioters as they invade the Capitol Building. What police officer in their right mind would want to take a picture of himself with the very people who could attack him?

After doing some more digging, I uncovered a tweet by newly-elected House member, Marjorie Taylor Greene posted at the end of last month that may shed some more light on today’s mayhem. Greene states that Nancy Pelosi and Mitch McConnell weren’t just in meetings to discuss stimulus payouts, but to also plot undermining the Electoral College certification challenges.

Just earlier today, The Washington Times published a story* of a facial recognition company who concluded that ANTIFA terrorists were among Trump supporting protesters that broke in. If so, they were probably also agitators who convinced people to invade the U.S. Capitol building. Earlier today, one Trump supporter tweeted a video of charter buses he alleges were carrying black block terrorists that were provided police escorts. One other eyewitness posted this video on Twitter where protesters experienced little resistance from Capitol Hill P.D. and one officer even lead protesters to another part of the building.

Washington D.C.’s mayor is on record having the backs of leftist terrorist groups in her city. Remember the leftist agitators who harassed guests leaving the White House in August and how the Washington D.C. police nearly did nothing to stop them? De-facto police protection for leftist hoodlums in our nation’s capitol is now an established precedent. With this and the facial recognition company’s conclusion* that black bloc terrorists were able to blend-in among Trump supporters, in my view, the likelihood of a set up in order to undermine the challenge to the Electoral College vote tabulations becomes a lot more plausible, if not a near certainty.

The Speaker of the House and the Senate Majority Leader are the heads of their parts of Capitol Hill. Both Congressional leaders could have ordered the facility’s police command to have their officers stand down or arrange for very lax security in coordination with leftist groups that would supply agitators. This, in turn, increases the likelihood of violence and some of the police could have been complicit**(***), hence the selfie.

Admittedly the basis of this post is speculative and I do not like conspiracy theories. This is also not an attempt to excuse the behavior of the Capitol Hill vandals. But does anyone seriously think that the Capitol Hill police officers would let these punks enter during an event like this in light of increased security at key federal buildings installed after the 9/11 terrorist attacks?

Tragically, one woman, who was also a military veteran, paid with her life and three other people lost their lives too. Even law enforcement officials nationwide were shocked at the Capitol Police’s failure to stop the mob break-in. However, in light of the above information, there is a high probability of ordered lax security at Capitol Hill.

If my overall hypothesis is correct, then both Mitch McConnell and Nancy Pelosi have blood on their hands for executing their coup in order to preserve their gravy trains. The fundamental reality is that the deck was stacked against President Trump almost from the beginning and now the left has successfully prevented him from clinching a second term in order to signal to others outside of the D.C. Beltway that the UniParty is alive and well.

NOTE 01/07/2021: More information and clarification has been added to this post as more information came in, including changing the title to a question.

*UPDATE 01/07/2021: The Washington Times has retracted the XRVision facial recognition story. However, one independent journalist who was present at the Capitol grounds states he had contact with ANTIFA thugs.

UPDATE 01/07/2021: Independent journalist Andy Ngo has confirmed an ANTIFA crook was part of the Capitol Hill siege after initially denying it.

**UPDATE 01/07/2020: A video has has emerged on Twitter showing a Capitol Police officer directing Trump protesters to the steps of the U.S. Capitol.

UPDATE 2 01/07/2020: It should also be noted that there were Trump supporters who tried to stop others from damaging the Capitol Building.

***UPDATE 01/07/2020: Still a possibility but unknown. There is the tragic death of a Capitol Hill police officer who died of injuries clashing with the mob and reports of others injured at the scene too in which the AP had originally said reports of an officer killed were not true. There are other videos, like this, that show officers clashing with the invaders too.