Why The U.S. Capitol Building Was Stormed by Pro-Trump Protesters

Some attendees of festivities for President Trump in Washington D.C. have decided to storm the U.S. Capitol. A number tried to break into the U.S. House while others are occupying the U.S. Senate Chamber. While this conduct is wrong, it is time for the truth to be told. Though what I am about to post should not be taken as a justification of violent conduct and what these vandals are doing is very wrong. But, in times like this we have to be honest.

The left has literally made it nearly impossible for the right to address concerns or grievances in this regard. For example, the president and like-minded groups and individuals were shut out by the courts to redress problems with U.S. elections in which their lawsuits to address their concerns were turned away on mostly procedural grounds. Allegations of vote fraud were ridiculed or denied despite evidence to the contrary.

During the middle of last year, many mainstream media outlets whitewashed the violence, burning, and looting of U.S. cities on the part of leftist terrorist groups reported as mostly peaceful protests. Remember the Summer of Love declared by Seattle’s mayor? The election of Donald Trump has lifted the mask showing how bad government corruption and how evil the left really is.

With this in mind, is anyone really surprised when events like this break out? This does not excuse these hooligans’ conduct, but the establishment, Deep State, etc. has ignored and even ridiculed people outside of their clique and this is the result of their disdain for the rest of the country.

The very people who make the establishment’s lives and wealth possible are looked down upon, berated, and scolded. Sadly, events like the U.S. Capitol break-in and other forms of political violence will only get worse because the left has imposed a kind of caste system on the rest of the country.

UPDATE: A facial recognition firm states their review of photographs leads them to conclude that antifa thugs may have infiltrated the Trump marchers who raided to U.S. Capitol. If so, they might have agitated for this violence. However, reporter Andy Ngo, who has reported extensively about them, states he doesn’t think the terrorist group was involved*.

UPDATE 01/07/2021: Independent journalist Andy Ngo has confirmed an ANTIFA crook was part of the Capitol Hill siege after initially denying it.

One thought on “Why The U.S. Capitol Building Was Stormed by Pro-Trump Protesters

  1. Just quote their demigod, JFK: Those who make peaceful revolution impossible make violent revolution inevitable.

    When Lord Dunmore confiscated the powder at Williamsburg, Patrick Henry marched on his treasurer with a group of armed men, and didn’t leave until he had cash in hand from him to replace it fully. This was what our government today would call a “terrorist” action. Subsequently, the Orange County committee published in the Virginia Gazette a resolution of support for Patrick Henry entitled “AN ENDORSEMENT OF VIOLENCE AND REPRISAL.” It was signed by chairman James Madison and others. An “endorsement of violence,” fancy that. I can consider myself in good company.


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