Civil War 2 Has Been Ramped Up

Since the tragic and reprehensible events last Wednesday on Capitol Hill in Washington D.C., the left has now undertaken an effort to destroy their opposition. Worst of all, their Republican collaborators are all too willing to help by appeasing in hopes that they won’t be next.

The possibility that the Capitol Hill siege as being intentional resulting from lax security is fast showing to be a matter of bureaucratic stupidity, rather than one of deliberate preparation too. None the less, it is unlikely the invasion of the U.S. Capitol did sabotage President Trump’s effort to try to win by a Contingent Election, since in the end Republican Congressional leaders, including Vice President Mike Pence, had no intention of allowing him to win.

President Trump exposed the corruption in Washington D.C. many had known about in passing but, until he was elected, might not have known or was not displayed publicly. For that, Republican and Democrat members of Congress had a vested interest in preventing Trump from clinching a second term. However, Americans who value their country and its culture owe the president a huge debt of gratitude. Hopefully, Trump can pull a Grover Cleveland and return to the White House in 2024 winning in an honest election.

Now the left is making an effort to not only wipe out Donald Trump’s accomplishments, but potentially cancel as many of his supporters as they can. One thing is certain, the left’s effort to unperson or cancel the president and his supporters will end up backfiring. They are already overplaying their hand to where that it will be impossible for the left to adequately eradicate their opponents. There are plenty of other places for Trump supporters to meet and the momentum the left is enjoying will soon wear off.

With the election of Joe Biden, however, one thing is certain that environmentalist terrorist groups and other violent leftist associations will feel emboldened to where they will be out in force literally acting as Biden’s foot soldiers. It will not be like it was under Obama where there will be an outpouring of love and support, despite the media’s attempts to prop Biden up.

Joe Biden’s luster will wear off within a year or two and he may well end up as a one term president. Historically speaking, it will be more like Biden will be another James Buchanan with him siding with the left at every opportunity like Buchanan, who (oddly enough) was also very corrupt and also from Pennsylvania, sided with the slave-holding southern states which laid the groundwork for the first Civil War.

History does not repeat itself but certainly does rhyme and the prospects for a sequel to Pax Americana died with Joe Biden’s victory. The political right not only needs to take recent matters much more seriously, including the fact that the United States is engaged in another civil war. The left understands that, Donald Trump understands that, but Republican elected officials refuse to. That is why, unfortunately, more civil unrest down the line is all but certain.