CA. Media Starts Slander As Newsom Recall Popularity Grows

Golden State Governor Gavin Newsom promised his COVID-19 policies would be science-based and transparent. Instead, the governor decided to keep the data his administration is using to justify his lockdown declarations secret. This while the Golden State lags behind most states in terms of coronavirus vaccine distribution.

The above factors including the huge amount of job losses resulting from California’s lockdowns as per Newsom’s directive, the thousands of violent prisoners released with his backing, the businesses the governor owns benefiting from assistance loans for the coronavirus pandemic, and his attending a dinner at a high-end restaurant that did not meet his own lockdown standards, prompted a recall effort against Governor Newsom to gain in popularity in recent months. Consequently and to few people’s surprise, California’s media establishment comes to the governor’s rescue attempting to link the campaign to anti-vaccine group and QAnon.

The recall effort against Newsom is a popular uprising that stretches across all ideological lines and the effort by the California media is an attempt to distract from the larger issue: a power-hungry governor willing to destroy the lives of ordinary, hardworking people of California. While the smear campaign is really an act of desperation, the real test will be if vote fraud doesn’t occur during the time ballots are cast.