Study: Men Prefer Early Death Rather Than Give Up Meat

A new study conducted by the leftist group No Meat May, according to Men’s Health, reveals that 73 percent of men would rather die 10 years early than give up meat. The manuscript also states: the more meat a diet contained, the more masculine it was perceived to be by both male and female respondents.

This makes sense. Since the left wants feminized men it makes them easier to control and weaker to protect females and their families. They gotta end that toxic masculinity somehow. Talk show host Pat Gray had plenty to say about this.

2 thoughts on “Study: Men Prefer Early Death Rather Than Give Up Meat

  1. It’s a secondary sexual difference. Julia Child once said (famously) ‘I would rather die right now than live without butter’. A well-regarded chef of my acquaintance has 2 rules for sauces: ‘Too thin? More cream. Too thick? More butter.’ Works for me. He’s not French, he’s Alsatian.


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